Pain Medicine

Through interest and progressive investment in Image Guided Techniques, namely Ultrasound and Fluroscopy Guided Techniques, which allow for a greater cohesion between clinical and image analysis. This in turn leads to a greater precision in the injection, which translates into an increase in the effectiveness, profitability and doctor - patient - treatment compliance.

The correct imaging and structural diagnosis is crucial for effective treatment . The development of self-alleviation strategies and appropriate follow- up for each patient is part of the GFI concept.

 Innovative Diagnosis Equipment
 Minimal Invasive Techniques
 High Sucess Rate
 Special Conditions for Partners and Insurance

Musculoskeletal Intervention Techniques

Anesthetics Blocks / Corticoanesthetics
– Joints
– Peri-articular
– Soft Tissues
– Trigger Points / Miofascial Syndrome
Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
– Tendon and Ligament ; Muscle and Joint
– Joints
Dry Needling / Mesotherapy / Prolotherapy
– Soft Tissues
Botulinic Toxin
– Miofascial Syndrome
– Peripheral Nerve Block
– Calcificant Tendinopathy
High Volume Injection
– Adhesive Capsulitis
– Mid Portion Aquilles Tendinopathy

Anesthetics Blocks / Corticoanesthetics
– Lumbar Facet Joints
– Lumbar Transforaminal Epidural
– Hip
– Joints

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