Sports Nutrition

In the Department of Nutrition our aim is to help you understand your needs and achieve your goals through an individualized and personalized nutritional counseling.

With experience in advanced and continuous training, our team ensures all the monitoring throughout the process to ensure compliance and treatment adherence.
The service includes:
- Body composition, clinical history and metabolic profile assessment;
- Setting goals together with the patient according to their needs, their metabolic profile and lifestyle;
- Personalized nutrition program fully customized to the patient’s needs and food supplement plan, if needed;
- Tracking and monitoring the patient's progress throughout the process.

- Athletes who aim to optimize their athletic performance;
- Weight and body fat loss;
- Hypertrophy and weight gain;
- Pregnancy Nutrition;
- Allergies/food intolerances;
- Eating disorders;
- Specific groups (diabetes, cardiovascular disease, inflammatory bowel disease, depression...).

A Nutrição no Desporto, Psicologia do Desporto e a Gestão Global de Saúde  são complementos fundamentais e que estão ao dispor dos nossos atletas.